Wednesday 19th Oct

• started day off catching up on Inktober challenge

• started updating blog

• went to launch at 11:45am

• finished daily logs on blog from diary

• need to do weekly reflections (x8)

Books shipped on 18/10/2016!!!

• listed book for sale online


Weekly Reflections: 45

This week was my birthday (yaaaayyyyy), and my books were due to arrive on the 3rd (Thursday) but it looks like the will be coming the following week.

I left for Auckland on early Thursday morning, but for the first part of the week I cleaned up my studio, started organising things and making sure when I arrived back everything wouldn’t be too much to handle.

Wednesday I organised all my consultation records and made sure I had enough forms filled out, and I am very happy with where I stand right now. I am ready to hand in my assignment, but I will still push it to the last minute so I can guarantee my project is completed.

It has been a very fun and exciting project, and I feel so proud of myself that I completed a whole book. Who knows…maybe in the future sometime, it might be in book stores! I have remained calm, and positive throughout this whole ordeal, and I couldn’t be any more proud of myself than I am today.

Weekly Reflections: 42

The holidays went really well, and now that my book has been entirely completed and sent off to be made, I have been researching further into publications and such.

Getting Published is a page on everything you need to start a book with Random House, and my book ticks all the boxes. I plan to send off my manuscript when I’m not so busy with EIT.

All I have now left is to wait for the books to arrive, and do some research into the artists that I have been studying/influenced by.

It may seem a bit arrogant, but I do believe I have finished my project well ahead of time, which I’m very happy about, because from now onwards, I can over-see everything and double, triple make sure everything is completed.

Weekly Reflections: 41

This week was the second week of the holidays, and I had a bit to do, but in the first week I managed to get most of the major things out of the way. 

I finished all my photoshop files, and created my book on InDesign. Jerry helped me out with having the right PDF to upload to, which I had to download a programme for so it was perfect for their uploading system.

Systems were an ‘all go’ by Friday, and I came in early to course and had my books ordered at around 9:30am! It came to $320 AUD (too expensive for my liking) and it should be here on or before November the 3rd! So exciting!

Weekly Reflections: 40

All this week I spent illustrating my book on photoshop, getting closer to my deadline of sending my books away. Mandy had a look at a few pages, and wants to see them all laid out once finished, so we can visualise the book and see if the order will work or not. This is the best way to change anything before it gets sent off to be printed.

I was also given advice from Mandy and Peter with what pages I should work on, and completed said pages.

I have almost completed my files, and plan to have everything completed, ready to go on Thursday next week.

Weekly Reflections: 39

This week has been all about catching up on work I’m behind on. I updated my diary, worked on my consultation records, and handed in the info Rebecca needed for the catalogues.

I organised a tutoring session with Jerry for InDesign finally, which will help me get my book how I want it all in order and saved as the right PDF etc.

I only have approx. 8 pages to go for my book, so I believe I am ahead of schedule which is very good! My sketches should be finished by Monday, so I can start illustration on photoshop.

Weekly Reflections: 38

This week I took a few photos for my book, and worked them on photoshop. So far they are looking really good and I think they are working nicely with my book.

I also was able to get a lot of pages completed, and more planned out, and also got permission from Rory to use his photography in my book.

Overall this week has been very productive, and my book is starting to come together nicely, and I have a clear idea of what I want it to start looking like.