Wednesday 19th Oct

• started day off catching up on Inktober challenge

• started updating blog

• went to launch at 11:45am

• finished daily logs on blog from diary

• need to do weekly reflections (x8)

Books shipped on 18/10/2016!!!

• listed book for sale online


Monday 17th October

  • Had crit group, went really well. Mandy and Donya happy with my progress and work situation.
  • Printed out Penguin Books guidelines/demands for getting published. My book ticks all the boxes, so I am looking into getting published with them. I aim to have this in very high quality and will spend careful time creating my application to stand out, while also being professional.
    The reason why I am looking at getting professionally published instead of self-published, is because first of all, I have no money or experience making books myself, but also because I think it is a priceless experience that would give me a good boost in my future career as a writer and/or illustrator.
  • Drafted ‘A Little About Me’ page for publishing application.

Wednesday 12th October – Big Day!

  • Jerry taught me how to save as right PDF for printing.
  • Printed all book pages.
  • Created PDF ready for final file.
  • Need to save/download blurb template tomorrow
    Don’t log off at end of the day -> get ready for credit card for Friday.
  • Putting money into Budget on Thursday -> $160
    Budget currently at $163 -> cost $323 approx
  • Reviewed pages with Mandy, Rory and Teina. Recieved very good feedback.
  • Re-doing a couple of pages.
  • Swapped a few pages around for better formation/order.


  • Update changed pages on Adobe InDesign -> move down etc.
  • Have Blurb main page ready.


File > Adobe PDF presets > high quality print > save file to desktop >
o > Spreads
Saves as a file I can print with 2 pages/files on one printing page.

– swapped pages in Adobe InDesign around, now my current file is exactly how I want my book to look!