More photography

Photography is another one of my passions. I haven’t done a professional photo shoot before, but I like to take walks on a sunny day and capture beautiful budding plants. Which is why I love spring so much. Here is some photos I have taken from home this year:

DSC_0011 DSC_0013

You see this weird flower? Well, it’s the stage before it becomes a passionfruit. Such a quirky, wonderful and interesting plant. And to have them grow right outside the front of my house, gives my home such a creative nature vibe.


This here I believe is an apple blossom. With so many fruit trees outside the front of our house all budding at the same time, the flowers give our yard a bit of variety of colour.


Funky fungi

Fungi and mushrooms have all ways been an interest of mine. Ever since a child they have been a sign of magic and the supernatural. My Mum and I would go out in mushroom seasons and pick the mushrooms around our farm together, then go home and make a delicious mushroom soup. Also when I was a child, and still to this day, I was really in love with fairies, and one day in our backyard, there was a fairy ring. Nothing had excited me till that day as much as that fairy ring has. Here are a few photos I have taken in the past.

DSC_0069 DSC_0070 DSC_0071 IMG_8037

Found on my aunties farm forrest.

Art Deco Weekend ’12.




These are a few images from art deco weekend in Napier City 2012. It was my first event I captured. The little girl was dressed up absolutely perfect. I was honoured to be able to capture the beauty. Also with the couple dancing in the photo, I believe I captured the happiness in their faces, in that special moment they were sharing.
The dancing puppet was also something I photographed because it was a very popular attraction.
I have a lot to go from my photography, but I learn something new every day.