Weekly Reflections: 34

First week went well. I already have a strong idea on what I want, which is a book. I’ve wanted to do a book for a long time, and now is the time to do it. I had a talk to Mandy, and her support is very encouraging and I’m very excited for this project.
I have a square book which I thought was a cool little compact colouring book, and wanted to create my own activity book in a square format. Thankfully the store room having a pack of 3 of the exact size and thickness worked perfectly.

Finding out the binder in Taradale, I believe binding my book through him is going to be the most expensive option so I will need to source other options.

Overall this week has just been about sourcing my best options for the making of my book, because once I find out those options, then the deadlines for my book will become more clearer.


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