Weekly Reflections: 36

This week was productive. I came up with a challenge called the ‘Just Meg’s 31 Day Drawing Challenge’, which is a list of 31 drawing prompts you do every day for 31 days, put it online, and hashtag it with the right hashtag line. I announced it at the Monday Hui, and I already have a bunch of people that want to do it! I’m very excited for this challenge. I hope it inspires people and keeps them motivated to stay drawing.

I also investigated the writing by Earl Nightingale ‘Acres of Diamonds’ which was a story my Dad once told me, about a man who went searching for diamonds, selling his farm in the process, only to pass away and his farm being found to be a large diamond deposit. A fable, that teaches that the grass isn’t always greener, and if you work hard at something, stick to it and your work will turn into it’s own success. Positive advice I want to influence my book with.



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